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Cattle Ear Tags

Ear tags are a must for cattle ranchers, it insures you can track, prevent theft, and control disease outbreak within your herd. It's important to have the right size ear tag and an appropriate style for your environment and the type of animal. Ear tags can be used with a standard stud or our snag-resistant Daisy stud . Our ear tags provide all the options you will need for visual identification of your herd! Did you know that yellow, white and orange are the top three favorite colors from our recent customer poll?

Blank or Custom Cattle Tags

All of our identification tags come in blank and factory printed options.

  • Blank Cattle Tags

    Blank cattle tags are an excellent option if you have a large variance in labelling or already have your own means to properly mark the tags. If marking the tags yourself, make sure to use an appropriate marking pen.

  • Custom Printed Cattle Tags

    Custom printed cattle tags use our special long lasting ink guaranteed not to fade for two years. Use custom printed tags when you know ahead of time the information and number (or other identification system) range you will be using.

    Processing Time

    Custom printed tags require 3 weeks for processing before they are shipped and there is an additional $100.00 set up fee for logos and special artwork.

14 Item(s)

14 Item(s)