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Sheep & Goat Ear Tags

This oblong style ear tag comes in a male/female set or can be purchased separately. Using the tag as a set allows for visual identification from both sides of the ear. These ear tags are available in seven popular colors to allow for breed or other types of color coding management.  There is a minimum requirement of 25 tags and may take 3 weeks for custom printing. There is an additional $100.00 set up fee for logos.

Our small two-piece cattle tag has also become a popular option for sheep and goat identification. The 1 x 2 surface of this tag allows for large numbers or more information. This tag can also be used with the snag-resistant Daisy stud for prevention of lost tags and torn ears. The small two-piece ear tag comes in seven colors and can be ordered with the Daisy stud or a standard stud.

Neck tags are a popular method of livestock identification for goats, sheep, llamas, and alpaca. The neck tag is made of durable polyurethane and can be numbered on one or both sides. These tags also make extremely durable identification of many items other than livestock. The neck tag is available in seven popular colors.


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