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  • Perma-Flex X-Large Cattle Ear Tag - Custom Perma-Flex X-Large Cattle Ear Tag - Custom
  • Perma-Flex X-Large Cattle Ear Tag - Custom Examples Perma-Flex X-Large Cattle Ear Tag - Custom Examples
  • Perma-Flex X-Large Cattle Ear Tag - Custom Colors Perma-Flex X-Large Cattle Ear Tag - Custom Colors

Perma-Flex X-Large Cattle Ear Tag - Custom Print

Quick Overview

Durable, fade-resistant in 9 colors, large panel for your information, longer neck for greater visibility at a distance or in long-hair breeds.

Add either the standard stud or our snag-resistant Daisy stud that greatly reduces lost tags and torn ears.

This tag can be ordered blank, numbered or custom printed.  Just fill in the optional lines for printing below. Custom printing may take up to 20 working days.

Our special ink is guaranteed not to fade for four years. We can custom print any series of numbers, ranch or farm names, phone numbers.!  If you do have a logo contact us for details and set up charges.

FREE shipping on all orders over $100 (US domestic).



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    • Additional Options Available

      This product has additional configuration options that are not available through our online store. Examples of additional options may be adding a company or ranch logo to an ear tag, adding text or logos to the back of an ear tag, and more.

      Processing Time

      Custom printed tags require up to 20 business days for processing before they are shipped. There is a minimum requirement of 25 tags per copy, with the exception of consecutive numbering.  As with most businesses we are still experiencing delays..  We also experience delays for the same reasons from our raw material suppliers. We will try to keep everything within our 20 business day window, but these issues may add to delivery times.  Thank you for your understanding- we wish everyone health and safety.


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This generous sized tag is 5" x 3" (the longer measurement includes the neck of the tag)  so you can apply or print your numbers. The panel of the extra large tag is the same size as our large, but it has a longer neck to hang down lower for better visibility in long-hair breeds or from greater distance.

The tag is fade resistant, durable and will withstand extreme weather conditions. It comes in 9 popular colors allowing you to color code, match your ranch colors or select a color that compliments your particular breed of cattle.

Use with the standard stud back or the snag-resistant Daisy stud that greatly reduces lost tags and torn ears.

Perma-Flex is one of the top US manufactures of livestock id products.  All products have been tested in the most severe weather conditions and applications.  Tags are made from strong, durable polyurethane and contain UV stabilizers to prevent fading.  Perma-Flex has been producing livestock tags and accessories for over 30 years.



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  1. Wow great product review by NC Cattleman on 4/21/2018

    Great tags at a great price. Real happy with products and service.

  2. Wow Great product review by JHill on 4/19/2018

    Just received my tags in the mail last week. Look great. Worked cows yesterday and tags look even better in the cattle. The buttons they sent worked smoother than any other kind I have ever had. Only way to make it better, would be if they installed the tags for me. Haha. Looking forward to doing more business for years to come!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need a new applicator to use Perma-Flex tags and studs?

A. Not necessarily. We recommend using our applicators and cannot guarantee retention if you are not. However, if you have an applicator that you can unscrew the pins and replace them with our pins, your existing tagger may work. Just order a set of replacement pins and give it a try -but make sure you can unscrew the pins in your applicator first.

Q. Can I just make my pins fit the Perma-Flex Daisy stud or regular stud?

A. It's very unlikely. And as you know having that stud line up properly is very important. There is a small "grove" on the pin where our studs will actually "seat" so that you have the right alignment and the stud does not come off the pin prematurely. Chances that another manufactures' pin would have this grove in the right place is pretty slim.

Q. How big will my numbers or text be on the tag?

A. The size of the digit or letters corresponds to the size of the tag, how many digits you use and if you added text to the top or bottom line. As an example, if you use a medium size tag with numbers 1-99, we will make the digits as large as we can to fill the whole tag. If on the other hand you need four digits such as 1000-1100, the numbers will have to be a little smaller. Likewise having a line of text on the top or bottom will reduce the size of the numbers.  Our rule of thumb is to always make the numbers as large as we can, but feel free to call or e-mail us with any special instructions.

Q. How does the Daisy stud prevent snagging?

A. The Daisy stud has a petal-like design (thus the name Daisy) and these petals will flex and bend to pull away from the snag. In a worst-case scenario maybe one petal might break off- but the rest of the stud will remain intact. Most snags occur at the back of the ear when the animal has their head in fence, bale wire, brush, etc. so this special stud greatly reduces torn ears and lost tags.

Q. Do the marking pens really work?

A. Our marking pens will truly last a very long time when applied correctly. The ink is acid-based and penetrates directly into the tag material (you can actually see this if you hold the tag up to light or cut the tag through the ink coverage). The key is to make sure you are using one of these special marking pens and also to go over the print area at least 3-4 times.

Q. How long will the custom printing hold up?

A.  We will guarantee our print not to fade for two years.  Our special ink uses an inkjet process and it will penetrate into the tag giving you nice bold print that will last.  And depending on the environment, the ink may not fade for much longer period of time- but we know for sure we can stand behind the four year guarantee.

Q. Is there a minimum order requirement?

A. We do require a minimum of 25 tags for custom printing and it may take up to 4 weeks.  Once the minimum of 25 tags is met, they do not need to be ordered in multiples of 25.  Blank tags and other products do not have a minimum requirement. 


Got a question not on the list above- just contact us by e-mail or toll free at 877-719-0877.